The Social Conservative Alliance is a nonpartisan pressure group that exists to champion a set of values that are under threat, in both the country, in Conservative government and in civil society. There exists a growing liberal conservatism within the Conservative Party that we in the SCA believe is a contradiction in terms and is actually anti-conservative.

We believe in the institution of the family- that this unit is the backbone of society, where citizens feel a sense of worth, and it is families with a strong nucleus that give our children the best possible chance in life.

We believe in the ability and potential of the United Kingdom; that constitutional monarchy is the most stable form of political system and that her sovereignty must be upheld and we also believe in the value of Christianity in society and that Christian values should reign.

You can see our full mission statement in the website, but we seek to campaign, lobby and argue for social conservative principles throughout the nation and we seek the support of MPs, MEPs, Councillors and ordinary people looking to revolutionise this nation to see a restoration of our lost values.

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