Big Society Relaunch

On Tuesday 1st November, the SCA will be launching our first campaign- the Big Society Relaunch

During the 2010 General Election campaign, David Cameron made an excellent case for the Big Society. The Big Society is a post-Thatcher conservative idea that places community action as an integral part of the free market economy, an idea traced back from Edmund Burke’s idea of civil society.

The Conservative vision was to shift power away from the top and distribute it to people in the local community.

However, the concept was mocked by liberal commentators and was quickly shelved. We at the SCA believe that this was Cameron’s best idea and we are taking it on ourselves to revive this concept of community-focused action!

Big and bloated welfare states don’t go to the heart of tackling poverty. It is charity, church and other community groups. They are equipped to address people’s underlying problems- why they can’t get work; why they are in so much debt; why their family is breaking down.

By working with local charities, we want to see a month of action! Can you give a few hours to your local Foodbank? Host a coffee morning for a good cause? Or can you get involved in another way? Local elections are coming up in May 2017- can you stand for Council and make a difference in your community? Can a group of you get started on a project to transform the landscape of your village, town or city? The opportunities are endless.

Get in touch if you have any ideas!