New Endorsement: Stuart Agnew MEP

The Social Conservative Alliance is delighted to announce the endorsement of Stuart Agnew, UKIP MEP for the East of England electoral region who becomes a Registered Supporter of ours.

In a short statement, he said:

‘I am attracted to this campaign as I witness children more attached to the internet than their families; homes with no father figure; and a ‘numbing down’ to pornographic violence.’

We would like to welcome our first UKIP member to the SCA since becoming nonpartisan. Find more information on Stuart on the “Our Supporters” page.


Change in Our Direction

Today, (17/10/2016), we at the SCA announce that we are changing to become a nonpartisan group. Social conservatism is a worldview that attracts support from a broad coalition of parties- the Conservative Party, traditional Labour supporters, UKIP and the Democratic Unionist Party.

The battle to restore many of our lost values and to sustain what we still have that is good is as much civil societal as well as governmental. We believe it was an error to want to just operate within the Conservative Party as we have been attracting a support base from multiple parties and no party at all.