Support Us

The Social Conservative Alliance seeks to attract a broad range of support from across the Conservative Party- from MPs to members, from MSPs to AMs in London, Scotland and Wales.

We are in the middle of constructing a support base and we have three tiers:

Board Member, Patron and Registered Supporter.

Board Members will actively shape the vision of the SCA and with their influence, will come to shape Conservative Party policy, and with a Labour Party in utter disarray; government policy.

Patrons are activists within our movement who want to work with us to bring about a restored Britain, with family, faith and community at the heart of a soon-to-be sovereign nation again.

To become a Board Member or Patron, you will be invited or you can apply by completing this form.

Registered Supporters have a more loose affiliation to the organisation, but will be expected to agree with the content of our Mission Statement and become active with grassroots Tory Party members in affirming socially conservative members. Please provide contact details here, and we will be in touch.