A New Vision For Britain

The SCA is committed to fighting for the restoration of social values within civil society,  that Conservative governments have not been arguing for under the Cameron years. We hope to mobilise cross-party support to help impact governmental policy in the years to come.

A New Vision For Britain seeks to highlight the ideas that we believe need to be championed by a Conservative Government. We will champion these ideas through lobbying; producing research papers; social media and campaigning for social conservative principles.

We will:

1. Defend the family. The family is the backbone of society. In a stable family environment, it is where individuals feel a sense of value and worth and a family with a strong nucleus gives a child the best possible opportunity for a good life.

2. Champion the Community and The Big Society. People feel valued when they are part of local and active communities. The sports club; the church; the pub; the independent retailer-this is where people beyond the family, can feel that they have a stake in their local community.

2. Defend the Constitution. Whilst the United Kingdom does not have a written constitution, its ancient Parliament, its monarchy and the Union itself is being attacked by liberal Conservatives. We will make the passionate case for our cultural institutions.

3. Defend the Christian faith. Christianity has been at the heart of our nation for centuries. The values of tolerance and compassion; as well as the distinction between good and evil are age-old values that are under threat from liberal Conservatives making the argument that Christianity must make way for secularism.

4. Fight for controlled migration. Not only has mass immigration meant that many British workers have been left behind in flexible labour markets and driven down wages in many sectors; there also has been a cultural erosion from the sheer scale of immigration. Immigration on the whole is extremely beneficial to our economy, but we will make the case for controlled immigration, and that those who come here must make every effort to integrate into British society.

5. Restore our criminal justice system. The popular argument that is being made in the Party, in government and in wider society is the need for rehabilitation. We believe this has neglected the importance of deterrence in this system and the priority of keeping citizens safe. We believe the punishments for the most heinous crimes must be enforced; and that life genuinely means life.

6. Campaign for the Rights of the Unborn & the Value of Life. Conservatives used to make the argument against euthanasia and against abortion. We believe in the value of life and that assisted suicide must be opposed. We also believe that the unborn child has the right to life and we will make this argument against a tidal wave of support for the pro-choice lobby that seeks to kill unborn babies off at a later date in pregnancy.